Why is it so important to enhance your mobile offering? Simple. For the first time in the history of internet use, mobile browsing has outdone desktop browsing. Overall mobile advertising strategies have vastly improved over the last few years anticipating this very fact. This means you need to be that much smarter when engaging with your audiences when it comes to mobile, using specific mobile SEO strategies that will enhance the experience of the user with the medium.

Here are a few tips from us on how you can improve your ranking on mobile platforms:

Make Social Essential

Mobile internet use has increased because users tend to use it primarily for social media access. This means your social media strategy needs to be at the forefront of your activities. If you’ve only been using social media for contests and promotions thus far, this is the time to use it as one your primary mediums of communication. For one Google uses social media to gauge the popularity of content which means using social goes beyond a channel and becomes an SEO strategy as well.

Integrate your Digital Media

While social is the primary way to go, it is also essential that you integrate all your digital media in a manner that it is easily accessible through a single point of contact via mobile. If you want people to be seeking you out on the platform they use most, then you need to be able to feed them the information in a manner that is easy and user friendly to them.

Speed is that much more important

If people are restless when your site doesn’t open on their desktops imagine how much that increases on a mobile platform. If you have site that consists of elements that slow down the loading process, it is perhaps good to look into how it can be simplified for mobile access. Limit the flashy elements and give them a user friendly, fast experience on mobile.

Apps are a constant presence

Many brand have opted to develop their own mobile apps making it that much easier to have a continuous mobile based interaction with their audiences. An app stays on their phones, allowing you to send push updates and that much more making the flow of information easier and the user interaction that much more fun.

Fix it!

Is your site not responsive to mobile platforms? It’s about time you fixed that. Surprisingly many large brands still don’t have mobile responsive sites and still seem to survive solely on commercial keywords. This is not going to get your site to turn up on search engines on mobile platforms. The key thing to remember is that it is not just another access point but rather an entire new medium that needs your content specifically geared for.

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